August 18th, 2006

Egrets Reading

August Amaze Almost Finalized

Whew! I've almost finished finalizing my selections for the August issue of Amaze.

I currently have a nice line up of cinquains from Hortensia Anderson, Darrell Byrd, John Daleiden, Billie Dee, David A. Dodd, Michael L Evans, Bren Gentry, CW Hawes, David Jalajel, Darrell Lindsey, Rich Magahiz, Naia, Karen O'Leary, Marsheila Rockwell, J.E. Stanley, Brian Strand, and Mo Swanson.

I also hope that some of my rejection letters weren't too abrupt. I rejected over 100 poems in the last two days....

Changing the subject slightly, I'm leaving tomorrow morning on a plane to San Jose but will be back Sunday night. My daughter and I will be seeing King Lear at Shakespeare Santa Cruz tomorrow, and on Sunday, we're having brunch with one of my old high school pals and attending the "Two Autumns Reading" by the Haiku Poets of Northern California in San Francisco where Susan Antolin, Stanford Forrester, Evelyn H. Hermann and John Thompson are the featured readers.