August 17th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Song of the San Joaquin

My contributor's copy of Song of the San Joaquin arrived today containing two of my poems. Song of the San Joaquin is a nicely produced regional poetry journal of poetry about the Central Valley of California, specifically the lower part, the San Joaquin Valley, which is defined by the editors as the region from Fresno and Stockton, between the east and west foothills. (I always thought it extended south to Bakersfield?)

A poet doesn't have to live in the San Joaquin Valley to submit (I don't!) but the poetry should BE about the San Joaquin Valley or its lifestyles or people. The issue debuted with a poetry reading last Saturday in Modesto, which I unfortunately was unable to attend, living as I do, some 325 miles south of the McHenry Museum where the reading took place. So, someone else read my poems for me and I was told they were well received.

One of my poems in the issue is essentially a tanka which I submitted with a title:

Setting for One

warm tortillas
with a bowl
of posole
missing the spice
of your presence

(c) 2006 Deborah P Kolodji
Song of the San Joaquin, Summer 2006

The submission deadline for the next issue is September 15th. Payment is one copy of the issue with your poem.