August 10th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Contributor Copies Arrive

Today, I received contributor copies from Scifaikuest where I have a scifaiku in the 4th Anniversary print issue and Star*Line which contains a rengay, Mars: A Study in Scarlet written with Ann K Schwader.

One of my new favorite scifaiku poets is Darrell Lindsey, who has no less than four scifaiku in the Scifaikuest issue, all of them excellent. A google search reveals that Lindsey also writes mainstream haiku and tanka, having won a Heron’s Nest Award and a Tanka Splendor Award. The issue also marks the debut of fellow SFPA members Duane Ackerson, G.O. Clark, and J.E. Stanley in Scifaikuest.

One thing that caught my eye in Star*Line was jborneman’s triolet which he wrote in an unusual configuration, breaking up the repeating lines into separate lines set into four stanzas so that instead of a straight eight line ABaAabAB configuration, it’s arranged :

A part 1
A part 2
a part 1
a part 2

A part 1
A part 2

A part 1
A part 2

B part 1
B part 2
B part 3

Hopefully, this makes sense. What I like about this arrangement is that it breaks up the repetition visually yet sounds musical when read aloud.

The Star*Line issue also has work by kythiaranos, ravenelectrick,mtrimm1,stillnotbored (who has the featured poem which Marge put on the website, ozarque and tithenai among others.