July 24th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Monday Night Poetry

It was Monday Night Poetry night at the Pasadena library tonight and the reading this evening was particularly engaging.

It was the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly reading which meant that the room was more crowded than normal. Seventeen of the forty-eight poets included in this issue showed up to read in person and there were also many other poets in attendance who did not have work in the issue, so it made for a very interesting evening of poetry.

A couple people were talking about the SFPA Poetry Contest and two of the poets who entered the contest were present, one of whom I'd never met before. She told me she particularly loved Duane and Cathy Ackerson's third place poem and was wishing that we would have displayed more of the poems on the website. However, when I told her that we wanted the entrants to retain first rights and be able to market their poems elsewhere, she was satisfied with that.

clay swan
one of the readers
shapes a poem