July 7th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Constantly Changing Ocean

I love the constant changeability of the ocean. The tide in then out. New things wash up on shore, old things disappear beneath crashing surf. I find it very cleansing.

We all have special places and Leo Carrillo State Beach is one of mine. Just north of Malibu, it's about an hour's drive from my home. A world away from my normal routine.

It's always the same - the surfers, the cave, the private coves, the rocky south beach, the sandy north beach, and the shady campground in a nearby sycamore grove with oversized campsites.

Yet each year I see something different, discover something new.

This weekend I'm going there to recharge with some family and friends. I'll write, but entries will be posted after-the-fact.

young gulls
I step forward
they step back