June 28th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Tangled in Dreams

Last Saturday, six members of the Central Valley Haiku Club (Yvonne Cabalona, Mark Hollingsworth, w.f. owen, Amy Whitcomb, Claris Moore, and Lane Parker read from their chapbook of linked haibun, Tangled in Dreams.

I was spellbound. I enjoy well-written haibun, but what was interesting about these is the way they were linked together forming a montage of slices of life.

It started with a haiku by Yvonne Cabalona and then Mark Hollingsworth wrote a haibun, starting with Yvonne's haiku and ending with a haiku of his own. Then Claris Moore took Mark's ending haiku from his haibun and started a totally different haibun with it, ending with a haiku which formed the beginning of a haibun written by Yvonne. And so, it went through a series of 20 different haibun linked in this manner. At the reading, the CVHC group only read a selection, but I was interested enough that I bought the chapbook at the break time.

Tangled in Dreams can be purchased for $9 from Leaning Bamboo Press, 709 Auburn Street, Modesto, CA 95350.