June 26th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Going Deep with Kigo

Fay Aogayi did a workshop at the HSA Quarterly Meeting called, "Going Deep with Kigo."

She gave us a kigo - "rose(s)" and had us write a list of words that we associated with roses. She didn't want us to write haiku, just a list of words.

I ended up with the following list:

vase, red, florist, thorns, love, dozen, corsage, bareroot, garden, sorry, parade, floats, bouquet, soft, petals, fragrance, bud

Then, she asked us to share our list with the person next to us and then take the most interesting words from that person's list and write haiku using them.

Linda Galloway, who was sitting next to me, had the following words in her list which caught my interest:

aphids, florist's fridge, crab beatle

I tried aphids, but the only thing I could come up with was:

on the Peace Rose

but political haiku really isn't my style. I then tried "florist's fridge" and came up with:

the last bouquet
in the florist's fridge
Mother's Day

I rather like the way that came out, although I somehow lost the original kigo, "rose"!

I couldn't think of anything for crab beatle.