June 24th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Gekkeikan Sake Factory

There are those who can't understand how a person can spend an entire day in the tasting room of a sake factory without taking a single sip.

I'm not a recovering alcoholic, just a haiku addict.

The truth is that I was having such a good time meeting other haiku poets whose names I had long read in haiku journals that I never actually made it over to the bar where they were serving the sake samples.

The Central Valley Haiku Club read from Tangled in Dreams, their linked haibun project. Margaret Chula gave a workshop on linked haibun. Garry Gay led a rengay workshop. Pamela Miller Ness conducted a quick Haiku Society of America business meeting where Carmen Sterba read the minutes. Fay Aogayi conducted a haiku workshop entitled "Going Deep with Kigo."

All of this happened in a beautiful setting, the tasting room of the Gekkeikan Sake Factory in Folsom, California, which overlooks a Japanese Garden complete with koi pond.

The only mar on this beautiful day came near the end when I started receiving emergency phone calls from home. At first I was annoyed that my phone kept vibrating, but after about five calls in a row, I decided to go out and check my voicemail. It turned out that my dad tripped over a sprinkler and broke his hip. At that point, my haiku creative juices just shut down and I morphed into worried daughter mode.

the blue heron
lurks over the koi pond
a call from home