June 22nd, 2006

Egrets Reading

Travel Journals...

What is it about classic literature and travel? In yesterday's blog entry, I mentioned Bashō's classic travel journal Oku no Hosomichi. Keene translated the title as The Narrow Road to Oku but I've also seen it translated by others as The Narrow Road to the Interior. I don't know which is the better "truer" translation, but I rather like the double meaning in "the Interior" - perhaps the traveller is traveling to the interior of his own soul?

But when it comes to travel, it's not just Bashō. What about Homer? Chaucer? There's just something very inspiring about exploring the offbeaten path.

When I returned from Washington, I wrote an enormous string of haiku about the trip. When I went to Salt Lake City on a business trip years ago, I wrote "Ghosts of Lake Bonneville" which was publshed in Mythic Delirium.

I think I need to travel more.