May 24th, 2006

Egrets Reading


Today I received my issue of California Quarterly from the California State Poetry Society. There was a stunning photo of a red tulip (taken by Linda L McBee) on the cover. CQ is 64 pages, perfect bound, filled with some marvelous poems, several of these are in Spanish with English translations, like "Photosynthesis" by Eloísa Moreno of Jalisco, Mexico, a poem which is speculative enough to appeal to the science fiction poetry part of my heart:

la laz se filtra por el tepehuaje destinado mi vida
a realizer la fotosíntesis -- Eloísa Moreno

I also enjoyed "Winged Arithmetic" by Maura Harvey of Del Mar, California, "Walking Past Horses" by Chris Crittenden of Lubec, Maine, "Summer" by Rolando Riveros of Viña del Mar, Chile (also in Spanish with an English translation), and a short short poem, "Clarity" by Partho Sereno of San Anselmo, California.

A copy of CQ is $9, checks payable to CSPS, P.O. Box 7126, Orange, California 92863