May 16th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Science Fiction Rengay & Renku

Today, I found out that "Fish Story," a rengay I wrote with oino sakai will be in issue #3 of
The Shantytown Anomaly. This is the poem that kept multiplying like rabbits. Oino and I wrote one rengay but at one point he didn't like my third stanza link that much. So, I wrote a couple of different links and then he wrote links for all three of them. So, then we ended up finishing all three, but decided that we liked version #2, so we went back and wrote new beginning stanzas for poems #1 & #3. Then, we decided that we needed a new ending for #3 to match the new beginning & started writing a fourth poem from the links we removed from #3.

I think "Fish Story" might be my favorite of these collaborations.

Speaking of collaborations, today I received my contributor's copy of Mythic Delirium, which contains "From the Oort Cloud," a science fiction renku (1/2 kasen) co-authored with oino, Teri Santitoro, Mary Margaret Serpento, and ushi.