May 7th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Review at Subtle Tea

Marie Lecrivain's review of my chapbook, unfinished book is now online at Subtle Tea.

Click here for the review.

Although I confess to feeling flattered by this review, one of the things she said about my book kind of sums up how I feel about very short poetry. She says, "unfinished book is a slow, fresh whisper into an ear made almost deaf by so many desperate voices clamoring for attention in the guise of literary greatness."

I think this touches on the core of why Americans do not read poetry and why it is said that there are actually more people in America WRITING poetry than there are READING it. For some reason, some seem to be drawn to poetry for the chance of expressing themselves, for the chance of promoting themselves, for the chance of standing at that open mic and stealing a bit of the limelight.

This isn't what poetry is about to me. I see poetry as a way to focus in on a minute part of life and appreciate it better in the light of a imagistic revelation that helps me understand it more.