May 5th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Missing Mail

Today I received my missing copy of Acorn, the fall 2005 issue, which contains two of my haiku. I received the spring 2006 issue last month.

The problem is that I know that A.C. sent me out a duplicate copy to replace the one I never received, so the question is...what happened to the original? Did it get delivered to one of my neighbors or some guy three blocks away who didn't bother to bring it to me or put it back out for the mail carrier?

Was it misaddressed and consigned to the dead-letter file at the post office?

Whatever happened to the postcard Ann K. Schwader sent a couple years ago from Chaco Canyon?

Where do these things go?

What if I finally sell a poem to Asimov's SF and never get the letter?