April 29th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Chris George's Fuldrom contest

Christopher T George, one of the editors of the Loch Raven Review is having a fuldrom poetry contest on his blog here.

So, what is a fuldrom? Well, it's a four line poem where:

Line one introduces the topic.
Line two creates an unlikely metaphor.
Line three explains line two and should include internal rhyme.
Line four must be a contradiction of an earlier line.

This was a recent exercise at the Desert Moon Review, which I suspect was created by them, but don't know for sure. An example would go something like this:

my empty stomach
is a growling tiger
waiting to devour pastries of flour
a contented kitten

Anyway, it's a fun little thing to try...there's still two more days left in National Poetry Month, so go to it! If you want to enter Chris's contest, you'll need to post your fuldrom in the comments to his blog before noon Eastern on May 7th. The winner receives a signed copy of the promo CD of the Jack the Ripper musical by Chris and his songwriting partner, Erik Sitbon, "Jack--The Musical" being performed in Charlotte, North Carolina, May 13 and 14.