April 23rd, 2006

Egrets Reading

A Rest Stop in Bakersfield...

Today was totally exhausting. Can you OD from too much poetry?

Among today's highlights:

Deborah Edler Brown gave a dynamic workshop on "How to Tell a Poem." I felt very inspired although it made me panic at how unprepared I really am for tomorrow's sf poetry reading in Pasadena.

Al Young gave a poetry reading of his own poetry as well as the keynote speech at the banquet. Both were truly wonderful and inspiring. I bought his book, Heaven which he kindly signed for me. If you ever get a chance to hear this guy, do so.

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After the banquet, I ended up leaving Fresno at 9:20 pm, but by 11:30 I'd only made it to Bakersfield and started having trouble staying in my lane (at 70 mph) because I was so exhausted. So, I decided to take my chances in a seedy truck-stop motel versus attempting the grapevine into Los Angeles in this state of sleep deprivation. At that point, between the jet lag from Minnesota and almost two days full of nothing but poetry, all the coffee in the world wouldn't have helped....