March 26th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Rose Haiku in Haiku Harvest

Two of the rose haiku I wrote the day before yesterday are now online at Haiku Harvest.

Click here for a direct link to my poems. The editor, Denis Garrison, requested these after I posted them on the Simply Haiku list. It's always gratifying as a poet when one's work is requested, in comparison, to being accepted! I've promised to send Denis a few more poems within the next couple of days and any others he accepts will be on the same page.

This is the final issue of Haiku Harvest, so if anyone wants to be included in this final issue, now is the time to submit. This summer, Denis is releasing a new journal, 3x5 Poetry Review, a journal for short poetry of 3 or 5 lines such as haiku, senryu, haiku noirs,tanka, cinquains, cinku, or free verse poems of that length. It will focus on the very short poem and push the envelopes for those forms. It will open to submissions in July with a first issue out in October.