March 19th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Haiku & Scifaiku

Today, we lucked out in the weather department for the haiku event in the Japanese Garden at CSULB. It turned out to be more of a mini-workshop than a reading, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

At some point, I ended up with a discussion about scifaiku with the director of the Japanese Garden & I quoted my "red planet dust" scifaiku, which seemed to intrigue everyone. Linda Galloway (a haiku poet from my haiku study group) mentioned John Dunphy's two-headed prairie dog scifaiku from Dwarf Stars and then Kendall Evans (a sf poet from the SFPA who will be reading with me at the sf poetry reading in Pasadena on April 24th) asked me why I didn't bring any copies of Dwarf Stars with me.

Truthfully, it hadn't crossed my mind. I just gathered up my mini-bookstore of haiku publications & left the house for Long Beach. But then, I probably won't bring any of the haiku pubs with me to the sf poetry reading. It's not that I don't mind mixing things up a bit, because I consistantly do - introducing scifaiku at haiku readings, sf poetry at mainstream poetry readings, haiku at mainstream poetry readings, etc. It's just that it hadn't occured to me that it would fit the crowd, but who knew at some point, I'd be sitting around a table with a diverse group of poets, munching on the best & biggest strawberries in the world in a Japanese Garden discussing John Dunphy's scifaiku?

Speaking of scifaiku, I just received word that four out of my latest submission to Scifaikuest will be appearing in the May & August issues.