March 13th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Light turnout at Monday Night Poetry

Tonight's turnout at Monday Night Poetry was very, very light. The library had left a puppet show stage in the room, including three puppets - a water buffalo, an elephant, and a lion. Oddly enough, taped inside the puppet theatre was a script involving a frog, a bunny, and something else that wasn't an elephant, a water buffalo, or a lion.

We amused ourselves with this a bit before the reading - but we didn't actually have the puppets read any of our poems (although we talked about it).

I just didn't happen to have anything with me that would be appropriate for a water buffalo, an elephant, or a lion. Instead, I read a new poem about the Cerritos library (inspired by my Saturday escapade there), a poem about my father's 81st birthday, and a tanka.

I think they (the oddly all-male audience, except for me) were a bit disappointed that I hadn't brought along any sexy science fiction pieces with me, but I wasn't in the mood for it. (I'm still wearing my glasses to rest my eyes so I felt more like a frumpy librarian than an outer space vamp.)

One guy read a poem that was titled something-something "eunuchs," but I (and a guy behind me) thought he said "unix" (as in the computer operating system) was one of those kinds of nights!