March 10th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Some poetry I enjoyed today...

This evening, I've been reading poetry instead of writing it and here are a few that I enjoyed:

First, mtrimm1's poem The Möbius Stripper is a real hoot for anyone who is the slightest bit mathematically inclined. I'm not going to quote anything from it here because I don't want to give away the punchline. Drop by From the Asylum and take a look.

Second, I received my copy of the March 2006 issue of Poetry today, and it had a great poem by Katherine Larson called "Love at Thirty-two Degrees" in it. Unfortunately, this is not online anywhere but if you happen to be in Borders in the near future, be sure to check it at the newstand (or buy a copy?). This poem appealed to the science nerd in me so much that I didn't notice it was over 50 lines long, moving me deftly from dissecting a squid in the lab to the stars in the night sky of Arizona to the astronomer that gazes on "a sky that expands/even as it falls apart/like a paper boat dissolving in bilge" and all of this relates to love and science. But,it was the ending that blew me away, "Science -/beyond pheromones, hormones, aesthetics of bone,/every time I make love for love's sake alone,/I betray you."

Finally, I also received my copy of Frogpond today. Haiku are harder to talk about in a critical way because it's difficult to quote from them without divulging the entire poem and that would violate copyright law unless I go out and get permissions. However, Ann K Schwader had a nice one about a raven in it, and I particularly enjoyed the rengay by Lane Parker and Yvonne Cabalona called "Aphrodite Rising."