March 9th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Pipebombs & Freeways

Today, the 605 freeway was at a dead stop for two hours during rush hour traffic because someone saw a pipe by the side of the freeway. The police decided to check it out to make sure it wasn't a pipebomb.

It was only by chance that I took a different route home (my car was in the shop because the check engine light was coming on). This was highly fortuitous because this alleged bomb was conveniently located near my normal freeway exit.

Two hours later, they decided it was.......a pipe.

I really don't know how long it takes to determine if something is a bomb or not, but doesn't this seem like overkill? To add insult to injury this whole thing occurred the day after the 710 freeway was shut down for five hours while police "waited out" a kidnapping suspect whose van stalled on the freeway. The front page of today's LA Times had a photo of the cars stuck on the very top 105 freeway connector, a complete nightmare for anyone who drives on that very high piece of ramp with the slightest phobia about freeway ramps and earthquakes....

I escaped that one, too, because I normally only drive the 710 on weekends.

solid lines
of unmoving cars
on the freeway
a blond in the Lexus
reschedules her manicure