March 2nd, 2006

Egrets Reading

Contributor Copy Day

Does your postman bring you mail in spurts? Mine does. For example, on the last day of January, I received TWO Christmas Cards. Now, I think receiving one Christmas card on January 31st is odd enough, but two? One was mailed from Berkeley,CA and one was mailed from San Marcos, CA, not that it really matters. It's just one of life's minor mysteries.

Today, I received contributor copies from two different sf poetry journals.

One was The Shantytown Anomaly, which contains my cinquain, No Gene Kelly On Mars and two of my scifaiku. It also contains poetry by Danny Adams, Bradford Allison, Guy Belleranti, John Dunphy, Charles Gramlich, Berrien C. Henderson, Samantha Henderson, Aurelio Rico Lopez III, Robin Mayhall, Kristine Ong Muslim, J.D. Nelson, Karen J. Newman, Rich Ristow, and Greg Schwartz, along with a review by editor J. Bruce Fuller, an article by John B Rosenman, fiction by Lawrence Barker, and art by Steven Abadie.

The other was the 20th Anniversary issue of Dreams and Nightmares, which contains my haibun, Unknown Invasion, along with poetry by Ruth Berman, Mary E Choo, G.O. Clark, Sandra Lindow, Burce Boston, Steve Sneyd, Jessica Langer, Yoon Ha Lee, W. Gregory Stewart, Jaime Lee Moyer, Leah Bobet, Brian Biswas, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Robert E Porter, Donna Taylor Burgess, and Richard Pitaniello. It also contains a collaboration by Kendall Evans and David C Kopaska-Merkel, and art by Megan Stringfellow, Angela Mark, Sheila Kopaska-Merkel, and Marge Simon.

I'm sure I must have received both of them today because I wrote in my LJ yesterday that I have more trouble selling to sf publications.

Upon reflection, perhaps this problem was exaggerated.