February 22nd, 2006

Egrets Reading


Shadows Ink Publication has a special online link that I can use to view royalties from the sale of my new chapbook, unfinished book. Being that this is all new to me (my only other chapbook so far, Seaside Moon by Saki Press simply netted me a number of copies of the chapbook that I could then sell for the marked price of $5 each or a discount of my choice), I must admit that I've checked it several times today.

So far, they've sold two, which at my royalty of $1.7375 each, means I'm $3.475 richer than I was yesterday. I'm not sure why I'm so excited about this, but I am!

Shadows Ink is also sending me 20 copies of the chapbook which I can then sell if my friends/family don't snatch them all up. If I turn out to be the "best seller" of the quarter, then I'll get an additonal 10 copies, so I guess I need to coerce all of my friends to buy them in the same quarter....