February 17th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Channeling the Vortex

Today, I visited Sedona and Montezuma Castle. Sedona has become the sort of mecca for New Age spirituality, boasting of several vortex locations where the earth’s energy is supposedly more intense.

If “earth energy” translates into awe-inspiring beauty, then I certainly felt it. Sedona is gorgeous, surrounded by incredible red rock formations. My one clear thought as we drove back to Phoenix at the end of the day was “I need to go back there again and spend more time.”

Montezuma Castle was well worth the visit, too. I wish I could have visited it in the days when visitors were allowed to climb into the cliff dwellings via ladders, but I was still awestruck by my first sight of this ancient stone village from my view from the ground beneath it.

ancient stone
a cell phone ring
brings me back