February 6th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Scifaikuest & Alien Love

Today, my contributor's copy of the February print edition of Scifaikuest arrived in my mailbox.

The theme of this issue #11 is "alien love."

In addition to my two scifaiku in it, there are scifaiku by Amitava Dasgupta, Andrew J Wilson, E.S. Putnam, Kumudha Venkatesan, John Grey, Lisa M Bradley, William Boons, Ann O’Nimbus, Wesley Lambert, Thomas C.A. Royle, James Weaver, E.N. DeChoudens, Tim Jamieson, Terrie Leigh Relf, Tom Galusha, K.S. Conlon, Francis W. Alexander, Lawrence Barker, Keith W. Sikora, Michael Mathews, and Cathy Burburuz.

Amaze contributor Jim Applegate has an article on "Science Fiction Cinquains," a topic near and dear to my heart. The featured scifaijin is Guy Bellerani, who has a nice five page spread of his scifaiku, tanka, and haibun.

Finishing out the issue are tanka by Daniel C Smith, Shelley Lester, J. Bruce Fuller, Andree Gendron and Marsheila Rockwell; a haibun by John J Dunphy, one breaths by Terrie Leigh Relf and Francis W Alexander, and sedouka by Tom Galusha and Terrie Leigh Relf.

My favorite poem of the issue is Lisa M Bradley's scifaiku, "baby on the way." From a mainstream haiku perspective, it's a senryu because there isn't a seasonal element, although it could be argued that "birth" is really a spring kigo. She uses a kireji, breaking the scifaiku into the phrase/fragment structure I prefer. Finally, as a mother of three, I've experienced that mad rush to the hospital on three different occasions, and I got a nice chuckle out of her 3rd line "punch line" regarding the method of birth involved in her alien (or perhaps futuristic?) culture.

Scifaikuest #11 can be ordered at Project Pulp.