February 4th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Slugs and Mugs

I really love Santa Cruz. There's just something about it that appeals to my poet's soul. My daughter and I had a great time just walking around campus & shooting photographs of the forest, weird plants, rock formations, mushrooms, and a demon deer, whose eyes appear to glow in my photo from the camera flash. I've actually seen more deer on my five visits to the UC Santa Cruz campus than in all of my summer trips to Yosemite combined.

I've yet to see a banana slug, though, even though my daughter took me to areas of campus where she claims she sees them. No matter what people say about the banana slug as a college mascot, there is something refreshing about a college mascot whose native environment is actually within the campus boundaries. I mean, how many bruin bears live on the UCLA campus? (The metal statue by Ackerson doesn't count, guys!) The idea of anteaters, of all things, on the UC Irvine campus doesn't even bear discussion...

At the campus bookstore, I bought a zen banana slug mug with some Japanese caligraphy on it which reportedly means, "See with the entire body that which cannot be perceived with the eye and ears alone." It doesn't overtly say "UC Santa Cruz" but it suits my haiku sensibilities.

Then, to top off a great day, everytime we got back into the car, we kept the top down and enjoyed every minute in that rented convertible!