February 3rd, 2006

Egrets Reading


Tonight, I flew to San Jose en route to the Crown College parents’ weekend at UC Santa Cruz. My airplane reading selection was Entombed by Linda Fairstein, a fast thriller-type read about a series of Edgar Allen Poe inspired murders. It’s been great fun so far, and any book- loving raven would quote “more!” on this one, not the usual refrain….

I got into Santa Cruz quite late due to a mix-up at the rental car terminal at the San Jose airport, where they didn’t seem to have enough cars available. I had reserved an economy car, but they gave me a Jeep Liberty, which started making some very odd noises before I left the parking lot. So, I went back and complained and ended up with a convertible PT Cruiser at the economy car rate.

For my snow-buried friends in other places, this may seem like an odd concept – a convertible in February, but I’m looking forward to a weekend of driving around with the top down under the California sun…

weekend convertible
driving fast enough
to dodge the seagulls