January 22nd, 2006

Egrets Reading

Dwarf Stars Reading

This afternoon, I dropped Yvette off at a friend’s at UC Irvine on my way south to San Diego for the Dwarf Stars Reading. I was the featured speaker at Terrie Relf’s Off-Beat Open Mic at Rebecca’s Café, which occurs the 2nd and 4th Sundays of every month from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Rebecca’s is on the corner of 30th and Juniper St in South Park.

This turned out to be an absolutely wonderful evening of poetry. There, I was able to meet sf poets Terrie Relf and S.C. Virtes for the first time. Michael L Evans and Naia, a couple of my and Terrie’s haiku/CinquainPoets friends, were also there, making for an marvelously eclectic assortment of poetry.

Terrie, Scott, some of the crowd, and I read science fiction poetry. Terrie and I, in particular, read a lot of short-short sf poetry. I read some selections from Dwarf Stars in addition to my own work. I transitioned from my scifaiku to some mainstream haiku by these selections of mine from The New Resonance 4:

close approach
I meet an old friend
to see Mars

from Mainichi Daily News

flag on the moon --
a summer’s footprints
erased by time

from Modern Haiku

Michael L Evans read a selection of haiku, tanka, and cinquains, and a poem he wrote for me called, “Debbie Goes Home,” a delightful little poem about a small snail on the gate at Naia’s house. He was followed by Naia, who read haiku, cinquains, and some longer poems. Naia also read some haiga, holding up copies of her watercolor paintings and photographs as she read their associated poems.

The other open mic participants read a wide variety of poetry. Because we’d billed it as an “off beat” short-short science fiction poetry event, many of the poets who came up to the mic brought along some sf poems as well as some very short ones, in addition to some coffeehouse staples. One of the café regulars even treated us to a monologue from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The sheer variety of the poetry gave more texture to the evening, stimulating our poetic senses on many levels. To listen to all of this richness while nibbling on one of Rebecca’s scones was a little piece of heaven down south there in San Diego.