January 13th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Crop Circles

I’m in a pretty good mood today. First, I found out that my chapbook manuscript of mainstream haiku and cinquains, unfinished book, is going to be published by Shadow Poetry. I entered it in a chapbook contest last year, but Shadow Poetry has always published only the winner of the competition, and I came in 2nd Place. However, Shadow Poetry contacted me today and asked me if the manuscript was still available. So, I’m thrilled.

I also had a nice dinner last night with haiku poets, Michael Evans and Naia, at Naia’s house. Michael was visiting from Washington State and after dinner we sat around the fireplace and randomly took turns reading poems we liked aloud from tall stacks of poetry books we all brought to share. It was such a great evening that I woke up this morning with my creative juices refreshed and recharged.

To celebrate, I’ve decided to pick a humorous poem for my short-short poem of the day. Truthfully, I have been consciously avoiding humor when picking my short-short poem of the day and selections for Dwarf Stars, mostly because the opposition seems to fear that the short-short Rhysling might turn into the joke category, something I don’t want any more than the opposition. I’ve been tip-toeing around short-short poetic humor to avoid sending any votes in the opposite direction.

However, the idea of crop circles as alien four letter words just tickled my funny bone this morning, so today’s Short-Short poem of the day is Astrophysical Graffiti by Daniel C Smith from Aphelion, July 2005.

SFPA members - don't forget to mail your short-short Rhysling proposal ballot. The deadline is tomorrow.