January 12th, 2006

Egrets Reading

From the ashes....

My pick for today's short-short poem of the day is Phoenix by Jo Gerrard. I love the juxtaposition of the fireflies against the decaying orbit images. Astropoetica is one of my favorite online poetry journals. I love the way Emily presents each poem, often with gorgeous space photography or artwork.

Last Monday, I was brave and read some more of my poems at Monday Night Poetry. It's getting easier to get up and read.

The host, Don Kingfisher Campbell, introduced me as a "science fiction poet," but I told the crowd that I had two major poetry obsessions, science fiction poetry and haiku and that I was in a haiku mood. I read about five haiku from The New Resonance anthology, two scifaiku from Scifaikuest and two haiku-based longer poems. I did read Assembling Titan from Strange Horizons this time, although it wasn't as well received as Testament from Poetic Diversity which garnered surprisingly enthusiastic applause from the crowd. After I sat down, Don said, "It's hard to get so much applause from haiku. You did good."