January 11th, 2006

Egrets Reading


My pick for the sf/f/h short-short poem of the day is Constellations by Duane Ackerson from Alba #11. Duane has very kindly allowed me to post it here:


Those trellises the night climbs
dreaming of the sweet face
of the moon.

Duane Ackerson
Alba #11, March 2005

This is one of those little poems that says so much more than what is written in its three lines. On the surface, it appears simple. Yet, if you think about it a bit, the poem will pull you into its depths. It makes me dream of trellises with climbing roses around a sleeping beauty castle, of vines climbing into the sky where giants live, of a night sky where stars look like clusters of flowers that call out to be picked into bouquets of discovery, of stars outside a bedroom window in a spacestation, of dreams of the moon...Ackerson is a master of short-short poetry.

And one of his most widely published poems is only one line long....

The countdown to the short-short Rhysling ballot postmark deadline is almost over - only three more days.