January 9th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Short-Short Poem of the Day

As I mentioned yesterday, I've decided to pick a sf/f/h short-short poem of the day each day until the voting postmark deadline (January 14th) as a way of reminding SFPA members to vote on the Short-Short Rhysling Award proposal. These will be poems that I particularly enjoyed reading from 2005.

Today's poem of the day is a scifaiku from the November 2005 print issue of Scifaikuest and is Rhysling eligible.

Joanne Morcom has graciously allowed me to reprint it here in its entirety:

in space
there's no morning --
no mourning

- Joanne Morcom, Scifaikuest, November 2005 print edition.

Penny Harmon has a nice article about Morcom's horror ku on the Millikin University haiku website.