January 8th, 2006

Egrets Reading

Pinewood Haiku Contest 2006

The Gin Bender Poetry Review is returning from a one year hiatus and sponsoring a haiku contest. The deadline is February 14, 2006. Entry fees are $2 per haiku and $5 for 3 haiku. Prizes are $100 for 1st place, $35 for 2nd place, and $15 for 3rd place.

Back to the SFPA vote on the Short-Short Rhysling Award...I've decided to spend the rest of the week until the vote deadline, January 14th, mentioning one sf/f/h short-short poem a day that I enjoyed reading in 2005.

Today's poem of the day is Eurydice by Helen Marshall, which appeared in Chizine #25 and is Rhysling eligible. I've always loved mythology and I came across this poem shortly after viewing a performance of Mary Zimmerman's play, Metamorphoses, at Loyola High School in Los Angeles. No matter how many times I hear/see a version of this story, I always want to shout at Orpheus and tell him not to look back! Marshall's version gives me chills..."forever certain/of your turning head."