January 4th, 2006

Egrets Reading

First 2006 Rejection

Yesterday, I received my first poetry acceptance for 2006. Today, I received my first rejection.

The batch of poems submitted to Poems Niederngasse came back with a note from Pasquale Capocasa (The English language poetry editor) which said that he doesn't use cinquain or haiku poetry because he doesn't feel "competent to edit them." He then added a note that said, "Good looking stuff, though."

So, it appears that he sort of liked the poems, but had problems with the forms. So, if anyone is thinking of submitting haiku or cinquain poetry to Poems Niederngasse, it's probably not worth your time.

I wrote him and suggested that he rethink the journal guidelines, which say: Send three to five poems, on any subject, any theme and in any style.

This probably should be changed to say in any style but haiku and cinquains.

It also set me off in my "crusade against poetry ghettoes" mood - the one that led me into initiating the motion for the short-short Rhysling Award (another vote reminder!) and editing Dwarf Stars.