January 2nd, 2006

Egrets Reading

Almost Dry Now

Well, I did go to the 117th Tournament of Roses Parade this morning, but took no photos this year. It didn't just rain throughout the entire parade, at times, it poured. So, I left the digital camera in my car. I was accompanied by my daughter and two of her friends.

Needless to say, my daughter's two friends will probably never go to another Rose Parade with me. (One was the new boyfriend from Ventura).

However, I actually had fun. I love this parade & it's become my tradition to attend in person.

A few random memories....

(1) The New Buffalo Soldiers, stalled in front of us, for about 15 minutes due presumably to a float-breakdown ahead of them, led the crowd (rather light for a Rose Parade, can't imagine why...) in singing, "I may be wet, but my spirit ain't wet". This was sung echo fashion, and provided a nice diversion while we were waiting for the show to get moving again.

(2) An asian woman, approximately 35-40 years old, on our side of the street, decided to tie the shoelaces of a blond guy in a marching band, who appeared to be a high school freshman or sophomore. I think it was the Pickerington High School Band from Ohio, but I could be mistaken about that. The guy was trying to march in place to the music as she attempted to tie his laces. Surprisingly, the T of R white-suits guys didn't intervene. The band was given the signal to march forward & she tried to get out of the way but fell backward on her behind in the wet street. Ouch.

(3) Marching bands shouldn't wear white band pants when they march in the rain. Or, if they must, they should wear appropriate underwear.

(4) For the first time in my life, I was sitting on the blue line! That says something about how crazy it was for us to be there.

(5) I was unintentionally rude to a U of Texas cheerleader who ran over to us on the sidelines and started to ask us who we were rooting for in the game. What could I do? I'm not just a Trojan fan, I'm a Trojan alum. So, I shouted, "Go 'SC! USC is #1" at her. (I couldn't help myself - sorry Miss Manners!).

The uniforms for the Texas Longhorn Marching Band are ugly, by the way, but at least they don't include white pants!

(6) I managed to completely miss Sandra Day O'Conner, the Grand Marshal. She was supposed to appear between the City of Newport Beach's giant mermaid float and Honda's giant Statue of Liberty. I was moving all of my stuff to the blue line at that time and looked away. I realized later when I took a sneak peak at my program (which I was trying in vain to keep dry)

Speaking of Sandra Day O'Conner, can someone please explain to me how a Supreme Court Justice relates to the parade theme this year, "It's Magical?"

Finally, my own awards:

Silliest Float: Farmer's Insurance Group, "Protecting Your Family." This float featured a Tyrannasaurus Rex in an apron wielding a spoon against a pair of deionychus trying to get at the baby T-Rex. If you consider what happened to this planet's real dinosaurs, I'm not sure that Farmer's Insurance did much of a job of protecting them.

Most Blatantly Commercial: Surprisingly not the Disney float, but Ivory Soap, "Generations of Good Clean Fun." Ivory's float featured a girl in a bathtub happily using ivory soap.

Best Use of Rain: Rain Bird Corporation, "Mist-ical Marsupials." This float's waterfalls were enhanced by the excess water in the system donated by Mother Nature. It was gorgeous.