December 29th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Poetry Out Loud

Well, I did it. I bravely read two poems at the Monday Night Poetry reading for the San Gabriel Valley Poetry Calendar reading.

I read "Before Blue," my poem in the calendar, as well as The Desire to be Thin from Scorched Earth.

I abandoned plans to read Assembling Titan from Strange Horizons (which is Rhysling eligible by the way...), because The Desire to be Thin is such a personal poem (which I wrote after losing 70 pounds) and I felt so drained after reading it that I didn't feel like reading anything else.

However, as I sat down, the host, Don Kingfisher Campbell, said that his New Year's Resolution was to publish more science fiction poetry! Everyone applauded, so I did my quick bit of sf poetry evangelization even even without reading Assembling Titan, although I think I'll read it at the next reading, which is scheduled for January 9th.