December 27th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Loose Change

The 2005 Haiku Society of America Member’s Anthology, Loose Change arrived today. It was filled with poems by friends from various places – the Southern California Haiku Study Group, my haiku lists, CinquainPoets and there were even a couple of us from the Science Fiction Poetry Association.

Some are concerned with the quality of poetry in a member anthology, because each member who submits is guaranteed inclusion. However, the HSA Anthology is a treat – it is filled with quality haiku from a sort-of “who’s who” in the 2005 haiku world.

Each participating HSA member sends in a selection of 5-10 haiku to the editors, who select one haiku per member. The anthology editors change yearly – this year it was Pamela Miller Ness & Tom Painting with Stanford M Forrester as contributing editor.

I like to think of the HSA Anthology as a sort of “yearbook.”

Whereas The Red Moon Anthology reprints what the editorial board considers to be the best haiku of a given year, the HSA Member’s Anthology showcases the variety of voices actively writing and publishing haiku in a given year. I think that both are worthwhile additions to a home library.