December 16th, 2005

Egrets Reading


I can't believe that it's December 16th, and I haven't addressed a Christmas card yet. It all comes down to the Christmas poem - I always write one to send with my cards, and don't really have one yet. (Is this a lame excuse or what?)

I did write one on Jennifer Crow's blog (I am using "the brightest" not "effulgent"), but my kids aren't crazy about it because I wrote "we sing like angels" and they don't particularly think we do.

(I don't know why - I mean, how many families can sing SATB music? Kirk sings bass, Sean sings tenor, Yvette sings alto, and I sing soprano and we do a good job on "The Carol of the Bells" but I digress...)

Sean suggested I use one of last year's poems, which I might just do in order to get these cards out. Last year, I had the opposite problem -- I wrote too many Christmas poems and couldn't decide which one to use. I don't know why exactly, but I'd prefer to write a fresh one...just stubborn, I guess.

Or, it takes away the excuse for procrastinating....