December 14th, 2005

Egrets Reading

More poetry in the mail...

If the "soft" thermal component, T, of the corona of a low mass dwarf is approximately 2-4 x 10^6 K, then it appears that the luminous ring returning from the dwarf star mailing is now at a factor of 0.025, i.e. for 200 poetry booklets mailed, I've now received 5 in return.

(Ok, it's really bad logic and a bit of a mixed metaphor, but indulge me, I thought it sounded good.)

To make a long story short, today I received another Dwarf Stars thank you letter with a gift of two chapbooks from Neal Wilgus of Corrales, New Mexico.

One is called The Ozoids: Limericks in Oz, which is exactly what it sounds like, a collection of limericks about L. Frank Baum's Oz books. It's an ambitious poetic piece of fan poetry, seven limericks for each of fourteen Oz books, with a limerick for each major character. For example, for The Wizard of Oz, Wilgus has written limericks for Dorothy, Toto, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion, the Wizard, and Glinda.

Unfortunately, I was quite young when I read the Oz books and my most recent Oz experience was taking my daughter to see Wicked at the Pantages in Hollywood last summer, but I appreciated his kind thought and generosity. (Ironically, she's playing the Wicked soundtrack right now in rotation with the soundtrack from Avenue Q.)

The other chapbook Wilgus sent was a collection of rhymed verse called Rhymed and Dangerous, which is made up of poems using simple, perfect rhymes. One of my favorites was a poem called "Alienscape", which appeared in Star*Line Sept/Oct 1982. It breaks all the prohibitions against "ing" words but I love the way it rolls off my tongue when I read it aloud. Another oldie but goodie from Star*Line is "The Psycho Surgeon" from the January 1979 issue.

I can't wait until tomorrow's mail!