November 28th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Monday Night Poetry

Tonight, I attended Monday Night Poetry for the first time, a bi-monthly poetry reading at the Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library. The featured poets were Steve Abee and RD Armstrong. I particularly enjoyed Abee's reading, even though (or perhaps because) his poetic style is the complete opposite of mine since I seem to be striving for minimalism in poetry, and he admits to loving run-on sentences.

There was also an open mike and I read a variety of things in my five minute allotment, Reaching for Normal, the mainstream poem that recently netted me $10 in that Word Wizard contest I mentioned a few days ago, Designer Baby, a poem from the late Keith Allen Daniel's 2001 anthology,2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology, and a random grouping of my haiku from Seaside Moon,The New Resonance 4 as well as my "lingerie drawer" senryu from The Daily Yomiuri. I was also planning to read a cinquain, which would have pretty much covered all my recent poetic bases (sf, word puzzles, cinquains, and haiku) but decided that I didn't have enough time.

This odd combination of poems fits in with my new strategy of mixing things up to try to break down barriers between communities of poets.

In this particular crowd, the science fiction poem seems to have went over best. Don Kingfisher Campbell, the emcee of this event, asked me afterwards about sf poetry and I told him about the SFPA and he (a) had never heard of it (Mike are you reading this?), and (b) seemed very intrigued and interested in learning more.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring SFPA flyers with me but I scribbled down the URL for the website on a piece of paper he gave me.

During the open mike, Campbell read a poem that he has entered in the University of Arizona Astrobiology and the Sacred project contest, which I enjoyed tremendously. Alas, I'm not sure I'm going to get my poem for that one finished in time since the deadline is Friday...