November 27th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Write a dwarf poem

To celebrate the fact that I've mailed out all of the contributor and member copies of Dwarf Stars, I've decided to have my own "word puzzle poem" contest.

I've come up with two lists of words, one contains the word "dwarf" and one contains the word "stars". Write a poem of less than 10 lines using either of the word lists and post it here in the comments of my blog.

On December 11th, I will pick my favorite poem and the poet will receive a copy of Dwarf Stars, or if he/she already has one, a copy of the print version of Scifaikuest.

The poem doesn't have to be speculative, but you'll get an extra point from the judge if it is....


Here are the two lists:

List 1: dwarf, ice, bondage, lunch
List 2: stars, spinach, accelerate, gym

The poem can be any style as long is it is less than 10 lines. You can enter as many times as you wish, using all the words from either list, but there will be only one winner.

You can change the tense/make the word plural, etc, but you must use all four words from a particular list somewhere in your poem.

Have fun!