November 16th, 2005

Egrets Reading

New Scifaiku Markets?

Recently, I've heard of two new journals which seem to welcome scifaiku.

The first is The Shantytown Anomaly which pays $1 per scifaiku (and other types of sf poetry). There is a bit of a warning sign in my mind, though, since the guidelines define scifaiku as 5-7-5 syllable count, one of my current pet peeves.

However, I can't find an editor's name so I don't know who is behind the new zine and how credible it is. It looks like a good possibility, but does anyone know anything about it? (I like to at least know the editor's name before submitting my poetry?)

The second is Triptych Haiku, an Experimental Journal. In this case, I have an editor's name, Kevin Doran, although I know next to nothing more other than he read my haiku noir at Haiku Harvest and invited me to submit similar haiku. This leads me to think he's open to genre, or at the very least, haiku on the edge. According to the guidelines, this one doesn't appear to be a paying market.

Again, there's a warning flag in my mind because my haiku noir at Haiku Harvest was written back before I really understood haiku, so they seem primitive to me now. Doran invited me to submit similar haiku and the haiku I write now would only be similar in subject, not style.

Bottom line - if anyone knows more about either journal, I'd like to hear about it.