November 15th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Frogpond XXVIII Number 3

The Fall 2005 issue of Frogpond arrived in the mail with a haiku by yours truly:

ebb tide
the extra warmth
of a friend’s sweater

Deborah P Kolodji
Frogpond XXVII No 3 pg 8

This issue also has work by some of the poets who were included with me in Red Moon Press’s New Resonance 4 anthology, namely Deb Baker, William Cullen Jr., Anne LB Davidson, Mark Hollingsworth, Chad Lee Robinson, and Carmen Sterba.

George Swede also has an essay on plagiarism, called “The Mind of the Plagiarist”, which includes a senryu inspired from his discovery of his poems on the internet with someone else’s name attached to them. Swede had over 60 of his haiku and senryu stolen earlier this year.

It’s amazing that this occurs as often as it does, especially since there is little monetary value associated with a haiku. A friend from the local haiku study group had one of her poems stolen late last year – she discovered it in a posting of the winning haiku from a contest she didn’t enter with someone else’s name attributed to it.

So, I guess I’m courting danger by posting the above haiku on my blog. I hope you enjoy it, making it worth the risk. But truthfully, I enjoy posting/publishing/sharing my poetry as well as reading the poetry of others. I can't live my life looking over my shoulder afraid that someone is going to steal a three line poem.