November 9th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Poetry Magazine - An Acquired Taste?

For all of its status as THE PLACE for a poet to publish his/her poetry, Poetry sometimes leaves me shaking my head at poetic images that just don't seem to come together for me -- blurred as if I was looking at the imagery in the poem without my glasses or through a think fog of unenlightenment.

Yet, ever so often, one just hits me and I think, "wow".

Dabney Stuart's poem, "Traveling Light", in the November 2004 issue of Poetry falls in this category.

From the beginning lines:

Moving through still time, its opposite,
it creates no friction...

to the wonderful ending:

it would be as if the wide spacewind
formed a bell of itself,
and a smaller wind within, and rang.

I was entranced. Stuart's poem (on page 102)is well worth reading, even if you have to go and read it in a bookstore. It appeals to that part of me that enjoys speculative poetry and, at 14 lines, it's short enough to appeal to that part of me that prefers my poetry in smaller, digestable chunks.