October 30th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Halloween Candy

Today, I probably should buy some Halloween candy…just in case. For whatever reason, this house sees very few trick-or-treaters. I bought individual large candy bars for the two kids next door, but I doubt if I’ll see anyone else.

I’ll probably pick up one bag, but most likely I’ll be taking it to the office on Tuesday.

Because my house sets so far back from the street, it’s as if there’s an invisibility cloak around my property. I suppose, I could decorate the edge of the house that is visible from the street to lure kids back there, but without kids at home anymore, I can’t seem to find much of an incentive to do that.

invisibility cloak
a quiet evening reading
Harry Potter

(For the sake of haiku authenticity, I suppose I need to admit that I’m currently reading a Robin Maxwell novel instead. Maxwell thinks Shakespeare has it all wrong about the two princes in the tower and sees Richard III in a much kinder light...)