October 29th, 2005

Egrets Reading


Today, Kirk and I went to the USC homecoming game for a total rout of Washington State. Before the game, we walked around the homecoming booths on campus and it was impossible to even move, let alone get close to a booth, get near the camera line at Tommy Trojan, or even find any familiar faces in this endless sea of cardinal and gold clad people.

There were 92,000+ people at the game, which is amazing, considering we weren’t playing UCLA or Notre Dame or any team that was expected to give the Trojans much of a fight.

The momentum of a winning team can be incredible, spilling out into all sorts of extra opportunities (more tickets sold, more ‘SC merchandize sold to fund scholarship funds, etc).

Poetry publication can be like that – it’s hard to break in one market, but then it opens up other markets, other places, etc.

2005 has seen a lot of momentum in my mainstream haiku poetry – the Saki Press chapbook, the New Resonance Anthology, inclusion in the Red Moon Anthology, my first sale to Frogpond, an honorable mention in the Mainichi Daily News “Best of 2004”, etc.

This unfortunately means that I’ve neglected some of my other work – not as much genre stuff this year, hardly any sonnets, or longer free verse. I owe a couple people articles and at least one editor a book review. Worse, Amaze, my cinquain journal has suffered. I’m so horribly behind that it is completely embarrassing.

And even doing that, neglecting my other poetry work, I still wasn’t able to tap into all of the opportunities the haiku momentum was giving me. The local Barnes and Noble said they’d carry a few copies of “Seaside Moon” but I haven’t followed up. A friend from the Southern California Haiku Study Group gave me a contact at the Japanese bookstore in Little Tokyo who likes to carry chapbooks of local haiku poets which I still haven’t did anything about, and there were some opportunities for poetry readings, etc, that I just haven’t been able to make. Also, I had to cancel tentative plans of attending Haiku North America due to my work schedule, even though I had a Southwest Airlines ticket voucher and a friend offering me a place to stay in Washington.

But, a person has to take it a step at a time, and ultimately I still need my day job to pay for Yvette’s tuition at UC Santa Cruz.

So, first, I’m going to get “Dwarf Stars” out the door, and then I think I need to address Amaze and get it back on track.