October 20th, 2005

Egrets Reading

When you can't write it down...

Today the President caused great snarls at rush hour because he was in town for a big GOP fundraiser and since there was a 35 mile no-fly area above Los Angeles, the radio traffic reporters couldn't see where the traffic jams were from the air.

I was very, very thankful that I no longer need to commute from one end of LA to the other every day.

I miss Marina del Rey at lunch - the wind off the water, the restaurants, the cooler temperatures in the summer, etc... but I do not miss the hours I used to spend every day getting there and back.

However, I do remember those good ol' days of composing cinquains while driving.

The nice thing about a syllabic form like the cinquain is that the syllable count helps serve as a memory device when you are trying to remember a poem that you are currently unable to write down. I'd write one and then recite it to myself, counting those syllables as I navigated the concrete rivers of the greater Los Angeles area. I'd quickly scribble it down if I actually came to a full stop long enough to write.

Haiku writers have a similar problem when communing with nature and the "aha moment" strikes. I've heard of people scratching haiku on rocks or writing them in the sand and then photographing them so they won't forget.

A palm pilot would probably be more efficient, but I'm sure the zen element would be missing....and the story would be much less interesting to tell.


writing a poem
in the sand with my toes -
the fish that got away