October 16th, 2005

Egrets Reading


Yesterday, I received my quarterly issue of California Quarterly, the journal of the California State Poetry Society. Although it is a CSPS publication, only a dozen of the 52 poets represented in this issue are actually Californians. For those who haven’t seen an issue of CQ, it is 64 pages, digest-sized, perfect bound with a color cover. It pays in copies if anyone is looking for another place to submit poetry. You do not need to be a member to submit. As for my speculative poet friends –just don’t identify it as speculative and send it!

Oddly enough, although it could be construed as an anti-science poem and I’m a verifiable science nerd, I rather liked a poem called “Ten Thousand Galaxies, Wendy” by Greg Moglia.

The lines that caught my eye were “To tell how a star glow matches the jumble in our head/Meanwhile isn’t any certainty about galaxies, about love/Just the latest story we tell each other?”

Other highlights in this issue were “Aftervives” by Alessio Zanelli, “The Bath” by Randall Marquardt, and “Iranian Men” by Lynn Lifshin.

Submissions can be sent to California Quarterly, P.O. Box 7126, Orange, CA 92863. The editors for CQ change issue by issue.