October 15th, 2005

Egrets Reading

In the Final Seconds....

There’s nothing like that incredible rush at the edge of a deadline.

Today, my father, son, and I almost had heart attacks over USC’s last minute win over Notre Dame. I couldn’t even sit down to watch the last 2 minutes of the game, I was standing in my parent’s den, yelling at the TV as if that would somehow help get the ball from the Notre Dame 20 yard line to the other end of the field and over the goal so that my glorious alma mater could keep its winning streak alive.

It must have worked, though. They did it.


When we think of the art of writing poetry, some visualize a pastoral setting – a poet surrounded by the beauty of nature, communing with the elements and writing the images down.

I do better under pressure, even when writing “nature” poetry.

For some reason, some of my best work comes out when I have a deadline looming over me, forcing me to make that last heroic push at the very last second.

It’s not that I’m not inspired by walking along the beach or hiking in the redwoods, it’s just that the inspiration often won’t ever make it on paper unless I push it a bit, give myself a goal and a deadline.

So, I enter contests. I write to challenges. I manufacture challenges for myself (like the “word of the day”). And then, when I’m pushed, I think of the things I’ve experienced, and THEN I write them down.

I don’t know if others write this way, but it works for me.