October 13th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Dwarf Stars & Fantaiku

I've decided to officially adopt Jennifer Mercer's title suggestion for my short short poetry SFPA demonstration chapbook - "Dwarf Stars".

Teri Santitoro has given me some artwork that will go well with this title so things are looking good. Even if I don't convince the SFPA, although my fingers are crossed that I will, I'm hoping the membership will enjoy reading it.

I've received some more permissions in from John Vieira, John Borneman, Lee Clark Zumpe, Andy Miller, and Christine Emmert.

I'm a bit short on fantasy short shorts so let me know if anyone has read any good ones from 2004. (It turns out that I apparently don't read as many fantasy journals as I do sf ones).

On a side issue of interest to me, I just discovered a scifaiku website in Italian. It is run by Italian science fiction and fantasy author Elisabetta Vernier. She calls science fiction, fantasy, and horror themed haiku "fantaiku".

Unfortunately, I don't read Italian so I can't tell whether I like the 2004 poems or not. I also can't tell if it's a webzine or a message board. Here's the link:


She's also apparently published an anthology of fantaiku through Delos Books:


I have no idea whether Delos Books is a POD publisher or a regular one.