October 6th, 2005

Egrets Reading

Modern Haiku

My copy of Modern Haiku came in today’s mail. For some reason, I thought I was supposed to have a haiku in this issue, but I double-checked my submission log and my next MH haiku will be in the 37.1 issue. The current issue is 36.3.

Other than the fact that Charles Trumbull’s essay, “The American Haiku Movement Part I: Haiku in English” takes up 1/3 of the issue and doesn’t seem to say anything that I haven’t read before, it’s an enjoyable issue with some great poems by Cherie Hunter Day, Ann K Schwader, Billie Collins, Michael McClintock, Bruce H Feingold, John J Dunphy, William J Higginson, Kirsty Karkow, Victor Ortiz, Pamela Miller Ness, w.f. owen, Marie Summers, Zinovy Vayman, Jim Kacian and many others.

One of my favorite poems in the issue is a haibun by Lane Parker called, “Pulse”, which describes a sonogram of his baby as “a pulse of light in the darkness, like the North Star shimmering through Earth’s atmosphere”. The line I like best in “Pulse” is the last line of the haibun prose section, where Parker says, “Our baby, like everything else on Earth, has come from stardust”.

I think this is beautiful. Can you tell I’m a mother?